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previous: Steve A. Zachary:  ... -- 8/29/2000 6:59 AM View Thread

Re: Encapsulated circuits...?

8/30/2000 10:01 PM
R.G.Re: Encapsulated circuits...?
I'll post the Funk Machine schematic.  
It did indeed have epoxy over it... for a while  
Epoxy is a way of keeping less dedicated people out of a circuit. To the more dedicated people, it's a challenge. Done carefully, the circuit inside will still work when the epoxy is gone enough to allow the circuit to be examined.  
I've been taught by experience that once a file leaves my machine on the net, it will be in the net forever.

Gus I am looking forward for The funk m... -- 8/31/2000 12:22 AM
Steve A. R.G. -- 8/31/2000 3:32 AM