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Re:zvex F factory,Etc.

8/30/2000 7:48 PM
Joe Gagan
Re:zvex F factory,Etc.
I guess it's always just a matter of opinion about when a copied design becomes "ones own". When did Leo Fender's Western Electric circuits become his? Did he have a right to patent the real early ones? I don't know. It's a whole box full of pandoras, as our ex-gov Bruce King once said.  
I don't know about what's right and wrong. If a person is trying to learn how to repair or design, they are aided by the schematics, gotta have 'em.  
I think the mystique surrounding Dumble's[and other's]"secret circuits" hiding in black epoxy is very enthralling. Any time you increase the mystery factor, people are drawn in. I like the part in the Dumble contract where the buyer agrees to NEVER look inside the amp, NEVER let anyone open it up except Dumble, etc.  
I think if you are going to make pedals, make a mild attempt ot protect your designs, but don't spend a fortune on lawyers. If the product is good, you will succeed on the basis of your reputation innovation, quality, and service, as zvex is doing. If the internet schematic people get a hold of your designs and post 'em, improve your design and keep 'em guessing. They can post the circuit, but they can't take your soul. People WILL pay you for your soul if you set yourself up as an innovator. especially if you create an cool LOOK for the pedals. It's one of the ways to keep the imitators even more at bay. The people counterfeiting the zvex SHO have a lot of work to make it look even half-right.