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Re:zvex F factory,Etc.

8/30/2000 11:04 AM
Joe Gagan
Re:zvex F factory,Etc.
Zachary Vex states on his website that the Fuzz Factory "is not modeled after any classic fuzz design"... After checking out many of the FF clones, I bought a Fuzz Factory because ELvex seemed to have the most forward thinking approach. It really does have exponentially more sounds and uses than the average fuzz. The 30+ reviewers at harmony central seem to nearly unanimously state over and over how versatile and innovative it is.  
Go find one, buy it if you have to, I think you'll agree.  
I like the fast food reference, but I think you would have to liken zvex's stuff to some incredible cutting edge gourmet fare to do it justice! Elvex for President!

Steve A. Joe:  &nb... -- 8/30/2000 6:55 PM