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Re: Mark Hammerīs Dr. Quack

8/28/2000 7:45 PM
Re: Mark Hammerīs Dr. Quack
Youīre right Mark! I changed the resistor to 2,2M and thereīs  
sound and wah. But itīs too "poppy" and "cracky". I only can use  
with a overdrive or distortion. With clean sound itīs a shit. I have a  
Boss ME-10 and used the effect between the guitar and the  
ME-10. I only can use this way, if I put the Quack after, the sound  
becomes crappy. And with clean sound when thereīs much signal  
(when I pluck hard the strings) the treble is with very pops and  
There is a difference between ceramic and polyester caps in the  
sound? I used polyester, should I change it to ceramic? I used too  
0,047 and 0,0047 uF instead 0,05 and 0,005 uF thatīs in the  
I hope someone can help me.  

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