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Re: Klon Centaur - Godsend or Overrated? Contact info?

8/28/2000 7:45 AM
Jim S.
Re: Klon Centaur - Godsend or Overrated? Contact info?
So it sounds like you usually use the Centaur the way most people do -- with the gain control set very low.  
I have to wonder if a good compressor pedal, such as an MXR Dynacomp or a Maxon CP101 (I just bought one of these -- I love it already) would do pretty much the same thing as the Centaur. The overdrive harmonics are really happening inside your amp, not inside the pedal, so what you're really looking for is:  
1) a boosted, "hotter" signal going out of the box than what is going into it  
2) a slight bit of compression  
3) a subtle sonic/EQ enhancement, such as maybe a "thickening" effect  
The Centaur is probably providing these qualities in just the right balance to satisfy you. But compressors also can give these qualities, as well.  
Anyway, if something works for you, then keep using it!