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Re: Jack Ormanīs Dr. Quack

8/24/2000 8:11 PM
Re: Jack Ormanīs Dr. Quack
Thank you for help, Mark.  
Yes, I know that isnīt your design, but I wanted YOU to answer.  
Well, Iīm a begginer at the DIY effects, so I donīt know clearly what and whereīs the envelope detector.  
Could you indicate wich resistor I have to change?  
This is certainly the problem of the effect, the behavior you said is the same to me.  
So the layout is correct? The orientetion of the poles of the LEDs too? Good.  
Thank you very much. I REALLY want this effect.  
Excuse my english.  

Mark Hammer The schematic can be found at Jack ... -- 8/24/2000 8:43 PM