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Mark Hammer´s Dr. Quack

8/24/2000 5:38 PM
Mark Hammer´s Dr. Quack
I just finished the Dr. Quack from the projects page  
here in Ampage site, but no sound. I ask Mark Hammer, that I know that build one and could  
answer, if you make this project with the layout or the schematic. I made with the layout and there´s a couple of things different from the schematic. There´s sound, but is too low and no wah. I used polyester caps and a TL072. I put a jumper instead the resistor 10 ohms that goes to +9v, and a pot of 20K instead the trimpot. When I plug the battery, only one  
LED light. The other stay off. There´s no difference in sound when I move the pots.  
If anyone can help me, ´cos WANT get this thing work.  
Thank you.  

Mark Hammer Jack Orman´s Dr. Quack -- 8/24/2000 7:27 PM
Tiago Re: Mark Hammer´s Dr. Quack -- 8/28/2000 7:45 PM