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Re: Wanted LOVETONE schematics

8/23/2000 6:04 AM
Re: Wanted LOVETONE schematics
It's interesting what you guys are saying about getting the family involved. That was one thing my old man sort of did (well things rub off). We never really had much money, so Dad was always in the work shop building something for this person, or that person, or for us. I suppose that's where things rubbed off. If you wanted something, you either built it, or you went without.  
Nowadays, my little girl thinks everything comes from a shop. Kids don't seem to get that we don't have any money to buy this, make it or go with out. It's great when kids can create something themselves (or with a little help). I think it helps them use their brain instead of wasting it on watching TV.  
As you said Mark, making something useful that they can actually use goes a long way  

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