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Re: Klon Centaur - Godsend or Overrated? Contact info?

8/22/2000 7:52 PM
Jim S.
Re: Klon Centaur - Godsend or Overrated? Contact info?
Personally, I think they're decent pedals, but way overrated. They're certainly not magical, in the way some people might have you believe.  
At minimum gain setting, it does have a very nice, pristing clean boost feature, however. I suspect that most of the players who rave about the Centaur either use it as a complete clean boost (gain on zero w/no distortion added, just a louder signal to the amp) or with the gain set very low, no more than 9:00 or 10:00 (still basically clean, but with a touch of compression and very light clipping on signal peaks). These settings work well with an amp that is already cranked well into overdrive territory, but are useless for getting any real crunch or sustain out of an amp that is running clean or is only barely beginning to distort.  
When the gain is turned up further, the Centaur, to my ears, sounds similar to a very well-executed TS-9/808 clone. The tone is a bit more refined (still not very "tube-like", however), but, like a TS-9, suffers from excessive compression and an unnatural sounding mid-hump in its EQ. At these higher gain settings, touch-sensitivity and "feel" start to go out the window.  
The Centaur is not a bad pedal, and its construction and cosmetics are certainly wonderful. But I think there are better choices for those who need to get reasonably realistic, punchy sounding overdrive tones out of amps that are not turned up very loud.  
For clean boost duties, a Z Vex SHO or a good compressor pedal might be as equally effective and cheaper.