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FET for Doctor Quack

8/22/2000 12:50 AM
FET for Doctor Quack
Iīve heard that the transistor MPF102 isnīt  
suitable for the Jack Ormanīs Dr. Quack, the J201 is better. But I canīt find the J201, only the  
MPF102. I want to know if this FET work with this circuit. If not, I wonīt spend money buying the parts for this pedal. If anyone has built or have  
any comment, are welcome.  
Thanks (Iīm brazilian, so my english...).  

Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics) If you want the J201, I will order ... -- 8/22/2000 2:32 AM
Jake I'm certainly not one of the expert... -- 8/22/2000 2:54 AM
Mark Hammer "Iīve heard that the transistor MPF... -- 8/22/2000 2:21 PM
Tiago Re: diode for Doctor Quack -- 8/23/2000 4:37 PM