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Ibanez TS9 to TS808 Mod

8/19/2000 4:39 AM
Ibanez TS9 to TS808 Mod
I got motivated today and put a JRC4558 (courtesy of Mouser) into my RI TS9, I used a socket and it was pretty easy as I have good soldering tools. I'm going to try and get carbon comp and metal film resistors for the rest of the mod and try both. Does anyone know anything about Analog Mike's brown sound mods? they sounded interesting and I'll like to try it on my TS9. As for the sound, I thought my RI sounded good right out of the box. With the new chip, it seems to have less grungy mids and be a little more transparent sounding. This is my first impression, which may change. I'm using humbuckers and a Mesa, it might sound totally different with a Strat and a Fender amp.  

Gord Ethan,That "Magical... -- 8/20/2000 8:52 PM