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Re: MOS-Doubler

8/17/2000 4:44 PM
Re: MOS-Doubler
The voltages for each pin:  
1-n.c. 8-+9V  
2-0,67V 9-3,55V  
3-0,67V 10-3,66V  
4-3,55V 11-1,37V  
5-0,2mV 12-1,37V  
6-3,29V 13-0V  
7-earth 14-3,28V  
I used a 9 volt battery that has a voltage of  
about 9.2V before I connect to the circuit. After  
it has about 7.5V, so the pin of the IC that  
goes to +9V receives only about 7.5V.  
My IC is marked as:  
To measure the voltage is connect the multimeter  
between the pin and earth isnt? Im asking this  
because the voltages changes always!  
Excuse my english.  

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