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inductor review

8/12/2000 10:11 PM
inductor review
First, I'd like to thank everyone for their input on my wah problems.  
I'm happy to report that all is well in the wah land.  
In summary, I dropped in a Fulltone inductor (thanks Mike- I know which pot to get when that comes up!). I like it. Since I've only played it at home this past week, I wanted to wait until after practice (band situation) to post a review.  
It now has more of a vocal qualiy. The bass end is clearer & it's volume is closer to the treble end.  
Speaking of the treble end, it is not as thin/piercing (in a good way) than the stock inductor. The throw (for lack of a better term) seems more natural, and finding the edge is easier.  
Also, I seem to have more gain/volume but not distorted (at least percieved dist).  
Overall, well worth the extra few $!