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Wah saga - the sequel

8/7/2000 1:00 PM
Wah saga - the sequel
For those that didn't follow my earlier Wah problem, I have a newer Dunlop 'Original' Crybaby.  
I was having some touble with it & it became a clunky volume pedal. I replaced the 4.7mF cap- no dice. Put a new inductor in, & also had to replace the input cap ( 0.01 uF, it had broken - this is where the added wire for true bypass goes.  
Well, now it's a wah again, but when engaged, there is a loud hum. I checked all solder joints, & put a meter on all of the grounds that I could find. All seem ok. When I put the new inductor in, I used some double sided foam insulation type tape under it since it had 2 leads and looked like it might move about.  
Tonite, that tape is coming off as a last resort.  
I didn't think that it was conductive, but...  
In the mean time, does anyone have any other recomendations?  

JoeD Re: any ideas? -- 8/7/2000 11:01 PM