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Re:'nother thing

7/30/2000 2:13 AM
Re:'nother thing
Well, it wasn't really a squeal like feedback, it was the wire that went from the board to the DPDT. It was a bit microphonic.  
I did replace that cap, no dice. I checked the solders on the switch, pot, inductor, & bypass wire- all were ok.  
I have a new & improved Fulltone inductor on the way. Even tho it was almost 3X as much $ as a dunlop, I figured what the heck. I've read a lot about Fulltone. I know that Mike stands by his stuff.I'm not so sure that my tin ears will hear muchof a difference with his inductor, but, it seemed like a safer bet than another industrial grade generic.  
Thanks for your help,  

Rick Erickson Joe, q{I'm not so s... -- 7/31/2000 6:10 AM