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Re: rack processor suggestions

7/18/2000 1:48 AM
Re: rack processor suggestions
Find a Alesis Quadraverb, most fun $200 I ever spent  
there's also the GT version which is suppossed to have some distortion and compression built in.  
I had a GT, and it served me well for a number of years, but if you can find the Q2 Quad for $300, that'd be a FAR better deal in terms of flexibility. Sound quality is way better too without having to run at practically no headroom, although I bet you could get away with it with a parallel loop (or sidechained in a PA board like it is now). The Q2's what I have now.  
C ya,  

Matthew Springer Yep, A Q2 should be (by definition)... -- 7/18/2000 9:16 PM