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tycho octave VS. Fulltone octa-fuzz

7/14/2000 10:38 PM
tycho octave VS. Fulltone octa-fuzz
i built the tycho octave from the schematic, which is the same as the fulltone octa-fuzz, which i own and used as reference. everything about the pedals are exactly the same except the fulltone uses a physically bigger transformer. i used the one from mouser pt.# 42TM022 (45/60 ohm). the fulltone also uses one from mouser (b/c it says mouser on it), but its a little bigger in size. the sound of the pedals is very close, but the fulltone seems to have a litter bigger bass and slightly thicker sound/feel. is there a way to measure a transfomer and find out which one it is? i.e. so i can get the same one from mouser thats in my fulltone?  

R.G. I can make an very, very close gues... -- 7/15/2000 12:31 AM