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looking for "marshally" sounding pedal

7/13/2000 2:54 AM
stanlooking for "marshally" sounding pedal
I'm looking for a pedal that will help my vintage Fender amps sound a bit more like a marshall stack....crunch, solid bass, smooth treble. Can anyone make a recommendation?  

Glen H. I love my Marshall GuvNor pedal for... -- 7/13/2000 5:24 AM
Gus Try a RAT... -- 7/13/2000 12:58 PM
Gerben Or a Marshall Drivemaster...... -- 7/13/2000 7:13 PM
zakk Yeah I recommened a Guvnor or the n... -- 7/14/2000 12:19 PM
stan Thanks for all the advice. But, I'... -- 7/18/2000 2:47 PM