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Re: BMP component comparisons

6/19/2000 6:09 PM
Re: BMP component comparisons
I opened up my old Sovtek Big Muff, put a fresh battery in it, and tried it out over the weekend. The old battery had sat in there so long that one side of the copper top had faded to a brassy color! It sounded a lot better with my current amp rig than I remember it sounding back when it was new.  
I then went inside it, traced the circuit, found the second clip stage, and replaced one of the diodes with a tiny red LED. It now has just a hint of blooming octave in with the fundamental--just enough to enhance the guitar's tendency to feed back an octave up. It never used to want to feed back on a useful note before.... Sometimes it just sat there and hummed at ya, sometimes it would catch a resonance in the guitar body and make moose-call feedback. :^)  
I've noticed that it seems to sound reeeeally good feeding an amp that's breaking up (or distorted) if you back off on the distortion knob to about halfway. If you run it into a clean amp with the distortion knob cranked, it also sounds good, but different.  
When I threw it back together and tested it, I nailed Gilmour's tone for "Time". With a lightly overdriven amp sound I dialed in a fairly good approximation of his rhythm tone, and then stomped the BMP for the solo and WOW!!!  
C ya,