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Re: Opinions on Octave Fuzz circuits

6/15/2000 5:15 PM
Re: Opinions on Octave Fuzz circuits
Thanks guys!  
I just went to last night to get myself a breadboard. No more soldering parts on vectorboard while experimenting!!! While I was there I got the parts for a Foxx, figuring that I could build something else if it didn't work out, or if you all reccommended against it. I was looking at the various circuits, and it was a toss-up between that and the Univox circuit initially. I am also going to try the MOS Doubler on GEO later on.  
I had to sub for the original NPNs and ended up going through a bin of 2N2222 with a transistor checker to match 'em all up for similar hFe. I ended up with a batch all falling in the 155-160 range.  
I also got a few 2N2907 with similar hFe, as I have a circuit I'm working on that uses a pair of NPN and a PNP, with a JFET source follower at the front end to buffer it.... If it works out, I'll post it for you guys to try out.  
C ya,  

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