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Re: BMP component comparisons

6/14/2000 4:39 PM
Re: BMP component comparisons
>>>The thing I am mystified with is the way the second harmonic blooms so much later on. This is what has made me think about the interaction of the stages.  
That circuit's behavior actually makes sense to me. If your signal is starting to fade out and is not clipping the early stages, there's still gain punching up the level so that it clips at the second set of diodes, which you said earlier were not clipping symmetrically. So, as the signal from your guitar fades, it would tend to enhance the 2nd harmonic due to asymmetrical clipping at the end there.....  
I was actually thinking of breadboarding a BMP-like circuit using 2N5485 JFETs as the gain stages, and I was considering the possibility of purposely mis-matching the second pair to (hopefully) create an effect like this. Thanks for the confirmation!!!  
C ya,  

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