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Re: noone

6/10/2000 2:00 AM
Mike Burgundy
Re: noone
Here'a a thought (if I missed anything already said in this thread, well, sorry ;p)  
What if the guy (or gal) who sold that pedal wasn't the person who built it? What if some idiot went out of his way to build something that really looked like a ZVex pedal to show off to his friends, then decided it sucked (which Zach has clearly stated, heh) and sold it off to an unsuspecting buyer, who then, it being the lousy pedal the copy actually is, sold it again. This guy wouldn't know better.  
This is just one scenario, but I really do think this is a one-off. I don't see the use of going through all the trouble of copying a ZVex pedal "perfectly" (...) for any financial purpose whatsoever. Much easier to fake something else.