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jd-f2 dallas-arbiter fuzz face true bypass

6/6/2000 4:33 PM
jd-f2 dallas-arbiter fuzz face true bypass
Has anyone installed a true buypass on one of these?  
I like the way it sounds - I bought it new a year ago, I just wish it had the true bypss.  
I've intalled the true bypass on my Vox Wah - very strait forward.  
When I went to do the FF last night, it didn't look so strait forward. There is already an Arrow DPDT there, with thh jumper, but there's also a resister. I'm not so great with schematics, but have looked around and haven't found this layout. Maybe they're all like this, but I can't figure it out.  
has anyone doen this already. Not looking to mod the sound. Any suggestions?  
I was able to install the True bypass on my Murton III.  

Stuart It's already true bypass - just wir... -- 6/6/2000 7:29 PM