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previous: Jake Re: Okay, put the knife down and back away VERY slowly... -- 5/25/2000 12:19 AM View Thread

makes sense.

5/25/2000 7:29 AM
zachary vex
makes sense.
sounds like psychology, jake.  
good points, R.G.. i am a dropped-out electrical engineering student with as many electronic classes in high school as possible, as many radio shack 101 experiment kits and as many cast-off electronic items as i could get from every adult i came into contact with as a kid. i read every issue of popular electronics faithfully, went to the library and poured over john markus's manuals and all the old tube experiment books on the shelves. i read every column written by craig anderton in guitar player and asked everyone who knew anything about anything electronic everything i could think of. but it was the search for IDEAS that was driving me, not for the exact understanding of how the circuits worked. i wanted to see what the basic innovations were about... just what the designers were trying to accomplish, and i let it sink in over the years, a mixture of things i really didn't understand at all with lots of guesses and some lucky intuition. i spent years working as a techician, repairing ion implanters for control data, honeywell, sperry-univac, cray research, 3m and eaton corporation. i was fired for moonlighting at a recording studio i built with the money i was making. i made records there full time for 6 or 7 years, shut it down and went independent, and when home studios took over i was forced to look elsewhere for income, so i started making weird guitar effects and bringing them into stores. for the first two years, sales were pretty goofy, just enough to pay the rent.  
things are not like that anymore.  
i design and build effects to inspire great pop songs. that's about all i can say about it. i have always been a musician, but my career has rotated through electronics repair, studio electronics and recording, and guitar pedal manufacturing. it's all about the songs. i guess the pedals i design are the songs i never had a chance to write.  
i am not an idiot savant. i'm a complete subscriber to the edison method. you delve in completely, sacrifice everything else, and risk it all. you gain nothing unless you are willing to go all the way. you have to look at the entire picture of where that pedal is going to travel, what it is going to do to people, and who is going to care.  
edison took catnaps with his hand, holding a steel ball over a pie pan, next to his cot. when it rang out, *clang!*, he got up and went back to work. that psychotic approch holds such beauty.  
these days the phone rings and it's someone on the stereo.  
i can only hope one of these kids hanging out here and in aron's bbs competes with me. that's why i say, do, don't try to understand, just plug in the parts and do. you don't have enough time in life to understand everything. you barely have enough time to put in the parts and pull them out and try again.  
zachary vex  
p.s. use experimenter's sockets. throw away anything with bent leads. use precut wires. 3M makes good ones. make notes. don't listen to people, listen to your heart.  

R.G. Sorry about the knife... -- 5/25/2000 1:31 PM