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Okay, put the knife down and back away VERY slowly...

5/24/2000 7:01 PM
Mark Hammer
Okay, put the knife down and back away VERY slowly...
Yoiks!! What did I start?!  
If I may be so bold, let me identify a phrase that may have initiated some wastefully shed blood. All those years of psych grad school shouldn't be for nothing.  
"there are circuits that can hide any  
differences between tube and non-tube operation"  
Interpretation 1: You can do things with transistors that are just as good as what you can do with tubes, and capture the nuances of tubes perfectly.  
Doesn't get more neutral than that in an EE crowd, does it?  
Interpretation 2: The best parts of many tube circuits can be obscured or negated by bad design, or simply remain unexploited because of the design parameters. A bit like saying there is no difference between oil paint and watercolours when viewed through a piece of wax paper.  
I direct the reader's attention to the famous parable of the blind men and the elephant. All were wise and eloquent in their description of the elephant to the shah. All were working with restricted information, stemming from differences in perspective.

Jake q{All those years of psych grad sch... -- 5/25/2000 12:19 AM
Mark Hammer Whew!! -- 5/25/2000 4:18 PM