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Re: crowthers audio hotcake

5/22/2000 7:29 PM
Jim S.
Re: crowthers audio hotcake
This is only my opinion, so for what it's worth...  
I think this is yet another overpriced and overhyped overdrive/distortion pedal. I used to own one. I didn't use it much and eventually sold it. I don't think it is any better than one of those inexpensive Boss DS-1 Distortion pedals (they go for around $40 new). It's sound is very similar. Neither setting of the Hotcake's "mid-lift" switch sounded right to me (either too scooped or too nasal). There's no variable tone/treble adjustment. Also, I hated the way, when a moderate amount of gain was dialed in, the harmonics and sustain would suddenly drop out in the middle of a note's decay envelope.

aron Let me take the other side.... -- 5/22/2000 9:27 PM