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Re: opinions of SIB FATDRIVE?

5/16/2000 7:13 AM
richRe: opinions of SIB FATDRIVE?
ive got one and like it alot. i use it w/ my strats and hollowbodies and it really smooths out the sound alot. To my ear, it can do compression if you turn the drive up alot on it. i don't like compression that much so i set it differently and it retains all the dynamics only the sound is fatter warmer and just better. It is cool to have in case an amp goes or something, cause you can just go straight to the board. its also really cool for direct recording. it sounds fabulous in front of the amp simulators on my VS880, and really brings the patchs alive. id reccomend it to anyone who wants a warmer fatter sound. good luck finding one, ive heard rumors they are going out of business, dont know if thats true though.  

chuck ive got one for sale -- 5/16/2000 8:12 PM