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Re: Stomp box switches?

5/14/2000 6:59 PM
Re: Stomp box switches?
I use these switches you describe, with kind of a big M on top and made in Japan...I order these from Maplin in the UK ( order number FH93B for 4,9 Uk pounds a piece)  
You can go to the Maplin website, type in the order code and you get a picture.  
I can't tell you anything about reliability though, I just starting building my own effects, and all the seven times I've stomped on these switches, they worked :-)  
I just ordered a shitload of these, so they better be good.  
If these are the same switches you are talking about then $10 is way to much, 4,9 UK pounds is equivalent to $7,4 US dollars...try Maplin, they are really fast with deliveries.  

Stuart Re: Maplin stomp switch reliabilty -- 5/14/2000 8:03 PM