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Re: BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?

5/10/2000 6:51 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?
I can't imagine doing this to an SD-1. I use both a modded TS5/808 and an SD-1 on stage and find that the SD-1 has a very likable sound, different than a TS-808, actually less "colored" to my ear.  
With TS5's & 9's readily available and not terribly expensive, especially if you find a used one it doesn't make sense to me to change a perfectly good Boss pedal into something it isn't, unless you just want to prove that it can be done and that you can do it. I have done many projects for that reason alone and can fully understand the enjoyment of completing such an endeavor.  
Just my $.02.