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The Conversion Info's now On-line:)!

5/9/2000 9:49 PM
Jeff S.
The Conversion Info's now On-line:)!
Hi everybody,  
Sorry that I haven't responded to the last few requests for the info on making the conversion, but I went one step further and put the stuff on-line. I'd never done any web page design, so last night I learned how to make a web page--pretty cool! Anyhow, I made what I think will be the very beggining of an actual guitar and guitar electronics web site (mostly DIY, of course). So, whether or not you're interested in the docs regarding the conversion, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and give me some ideas regarding what you would like to see. Like I said it's VERY VERY early in development (I put up a SD-1 to TS808 conversion page with 3 linked docs, a very brief links page, and a contact link), so the shape that it takes will be almost wholly dependant on the suggestions that I get from all of you (for the people!). Well, enough of my's the link:  
Please let me know if anything is querky, or just plain non-functional. Also, my ISP only allows me 5M of server space; so if anybody knows of a better host please fill me in.  
Thanks, and take it easy  
Jeff S

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