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previous: Dave I was wondering are there any mods ... -- 5/6/2000 10:10 PM View Thread

Re: BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?

5/9/2000 6:47 PM
Re: BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?
A simple mod is to just change out the two 1uf electros and replace them with 1uf films. All the other parts are good quality IMO, it has a JRC4558 stock. I like other chips but that one is OK. Installing the 51pf cap is not needed I think the boss PCB layout is better(FWIW I do not like caps in feedback loops I like to filter before the opamp). I build most of my effects point to point star ground and power leads that can cause problems at 90 degrees if possable, I rarely have an osc problems. I like the sound of mine with just the 1ufs I did not check the output buffer. Alone it sounds a little thin but it has that sound that might sound good with others.

aron >(FWIW I do not like caps in feedba... -- 5/9/2000 6:51 PM