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previous: dale not MID booster. thsi is a circuit ... -- 5/8/2000 9:50 PM View Thread

Re: jeff--i was refering to the MINI booster

5/9/2000 2:03 AM
Jeff S.
Re: jeff--i was refering to the MINI booster
Yeah, I'm an idiot. this is the second time this week that I made a nonsense post because I misread something. I've heard good things about the mini-booster, though. I actually built the Booster+ (a design based on the minibooster), it's not at all like the minibooster, though, it's got gobs of drive and distortion--sounds great. Anyhow, sorry for the waste of your time. Take it easy.  
Jeff S.

dale don't worry about it jeff-i do that all the time *S* -- 5/9/2000 2:42 AM