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Re: minibooster project. anyone built one?

5/8/2000 2:33 PM
Re: minibooster project. anyone built one?
Well I built one of this. It has not that big distortion and not that big tone-contol, but it's sounds really nice. Just try it you will build it in ahhhmm mayby 5 up to 15 minutes and if you don't use a case around it you even wouldn't give much money for it. (You can pull it later in a case if you want)  
The minibooster was my first self-built-guitar-effect. I think it's THAT beginning-pedal. If you know more about electronics you should built something different. Maybe a fuzz face or something like that. Just to look if you get along with it.  
Later you'll will see that it's better to built this pedals and not to buy them. It's cheaper, and the best thing you can change them, so that it sounds better to YOUR ears.  
But when you know that you have built it by your self, it just sounds better.....