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Re: BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?

5/7/2000 12:36 AM
Jeff S.
Re: BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?
Funny you should ask...just yesterday I sat was thinking about this, and I sat down with the two schematics and compared them part by part. The SD-1 and TS808 have nearly the identical layout. Depending on how exact you want the conversion to be, there are about 30 changes. Almost all of the changes are simple componant swaps; in a couple of places something either needs to be added or removed entirely. I havent actually looked at how the board's layed out to see what would be involved in the additions but I can't imagine that it would be too triky; the additions are adding a 51pF cap across the clipping diodes, running a connection to ground through a 0.22uF cap just before the tone pot, and connecting +4.5V through a 510k resistor between the level pot and output buffer. If you want all the details either send me an e-mail, or post your e-mail address. I numerically labeled each revision on the schematic for the SD-1, and made a list detailing the revisions by number; I can throw 'em on my scanner and send you a copy. I'm thinking that with all the right parts on hand, it could be done in about an hour. If and when I convert mine, I'm also going to make it true-bypass, so I've also noted those changes on the schematic.  
Take it easy  
Jeff S.

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