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BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?

5/6/2000 10:10 PM
BOSS SD1 to IBanez ts808 mods?
I was wondering are there any mods for the  
boss super overdrive sd1 pedal to get it to  
100% spec of a ibanez ts808 tube screamer?  
i know the sd 1 is the boss version of a tubescreamer.  
also any other cool mods/suggestions  
is great too.  

Jeff S. Dave,Funny you shou... -- 5/7/2000 12:36 AM
Dave Dave,Its very Possible. Lik... -- 5/8/2000 4:55 PM
Gus A simple mod is to just change out ... -- 5/9/2000 6:47 PM
Jeff S. The Conversion Info's now On-line:)! -- 5/9/2000 9:49 PM