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overdrive/distortion boost pedals? help!

5/4/2000 2:10 AM
overdrive/distortion boost pedals? help!
i was wondering between the boss SD1 and ibanez  
tubescreamers and fulltone fulldrive pedals.  
which ones are the best at boosting/overdriving  
the distorted channel of an amp?

Mark Hammer They're all best, and all adopt the... -- 5/4/2000 2:36 AM
BWilliamson I just played with the three you me... -- 5/4/2000 3:15 AM
pHiLtHy I might also recommend checking out... -- 5/4/2000 5:49 PM
Jeff L I love the SD-1 for clean boosting ... -- 5/13/2000 12:13 AM