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Re: Germanium transistors

4/25/2000 5:01 PM
Re: Germanium transistors
If you don't have any equipment to check for leaky germaniums and you simply want to buy good ones, your best bet is to get pre-screened ones from RG Keen at GEO or at Small Bear Electronics (look at the Fuzz Face posts below). If you are going to get unscreened ones from MCM or NTE or whatever, you need to get more than you need as some probably won't work right. I have had many new ones from both MCM and NTE that were leaky and unusable.  
I have had good luck traipsing to the hamfest with an old RS sub guide and buying buckets of old germanium transistors. Testing with a DVM for hfe, I've seen around a 50% yield in NPN germaniums. Maybe some of the other guys here can give their experience on yields?