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Re: Colorsound FuzzWah Straight

4/23/2000 7:25 PM
JohnnyBRe: Colorsound FuzzWah Straight
There are several sources of replacement pots that would do the job. My guess is that you can find a fuzz-wah circuit on the web, and the circuits will be similar. Radio pick-up is common in wahs because of the design, so to shield it, just treat it like any other emc problem, e.g. well positioned ferrite beads on input and output, metal can over the inductor is another fix, but ideally can should be about 2.5 dia of coil, otherwise the inductance will be affected, again grounded. looking for HF rejector, so its sort of a low pass filter. Make sure base plate is fitted. Some people have revived pots with cleaner, unfortunately this often destroys them, but as a last resort, before shelling out why not try it.

Wild Bill Thanks, JohnnyB! The in... -- 4/24/2000 7:51 PM