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Re: Anybody built a Matchless Hotbox?

4/17/2000 5:28 PM
Re: Anybody built a Matchless Hotbox?
Hey, Steve and folks:  
I set this up using the Vibrobox as "clean" and vibrato, and the hotbox section is on complete bypass; this way, I can "tune" the hotbox section in case I get any nasty oscillations (I hope!). As to the PT, I used one cannibalized out of an old Lafayette radio, it puts out way too much voltage, but I knocked it down to about 270V when it hits the circuit. The chassis is an old Legend amp chassis with a lot of room in it for keeping the parts separated (once again, I hope!). The heaters are running off of 6.1-6.2 Vdc, and I'm running the switches with reed relays.  
I still have yet to plug it in, I need to finish the relay section. One thing I did, was on the first stage cathode bypass, I used a Polyester 2.2 mF cap instead of an electrolytic (big as a "C" battery, but I'll make it fit). And, I won't be using the "clean" channel on the hotbox section at all, see above. I figured why have 2 clean options, when 1 of them may compromise the OD sound.  
Any suggestions, advice, comments welcomed heartily!