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pedal power stuff

4/17/2000 6:24 PM
bobpedal power stuff
thankyou for helping me with my previous  
question on multiple regulators on the one  
tranny tap. i'd like to ask a couple more  
dumb questions. how many and where can i  
place these regulators in the crt. i'm using a  
2A tranny. i've decided to run two regulators  
one for normal operation and one for the  
dead battery. where should i feed the two  
crts from, before or after the filter caps? if  
after, should i increse the value of the filter  
caps?and is there any point to running a  
lower current regulator per pedal, or running  
a couple of big beefy ones?  

gus You could run the two from the one ... -- 4/17/2000 6:36 PM
Don Symes Pick all the regulator inputs off a... -- 4/17/2000 8:24 PM
bob thanx for your help. very useful. t... -- 4/19/2000 5:45 AM