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Re: clean octave pedals?

4/17/2000 8:13 AM
Jamie Tyson
Re: clean octave pedals?
what do you wanna do with the octave pedal? Much like distortion, there are lots of varieties on the theme. If you want it to sound like a bass or really low guitar you'll need a digital pitch shifter. Or- if you want something a little more unique, go for some less-expensive stompboxes. The BOSS pedal is actually the best one I've found so far. The EBS pedal is ok but its switching made an odd click that isn't condusive of the styles I play witht the octave. Try this for my fave octave sound ala a certain Omaha rock band- Humbucker guitar into octave pedal (octave 1 and direct at max, octave 2 off) into a crunchy Mesa-Boogie or marshall sound. Try some low riffs and learn to pick in such a way that the octave tracks cleanly. It's not hard to achieve a tight rock sound this way.  

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