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previous: Ricky I dont have the schem for the dirtb... -- 4/15/2000 3:17 AM View Thread

Re: dirtbox gain increase and bypass Q - ooooh!

4/15/2000 3:30 AM
Re: dirtbox gain increase and bypass Q - ooooh!
If it only has a DPDT and one half is doing LED switching, then it does not have true bypass. With only one side of the DPDT left, all you can do is switch off the input or output, one or the other will always be connected to the output jack. This would go a ways to explaining the bleedthru problem.  
BTW, I'd like to see a tracing of the Dirtbox as well... :)

Ricky Okay, this is amazing, this thing r... -- 4/17/2000 7:18 PM