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Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1A needs help

4/14/2000 5:40 PM
Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1A needs help
It is a Mestro Fuzz Tone Ton FZ-1A. I've asked this question before but didn't get any  
real helpful advice, just that it probably is supposed to sound that way. If it was supposed to sound that way, it wouldn't have been a popular fuzz in any sense of the word.  
It is spitty and inconsistent and heavily gated sounding. It doesn't sound so much like a fuzz as it does a guitar cable that keeps crackling and cutting out. Basically, it sounds like it doesn't have enough gain. You have to hit the strings kinda hard to get a fuzz sound and it cuts out rather abruptly.  
I have a digital multimeter and have checked to see if all of the transistors are getting juice from the battery (1.5 V, it has ane AA). I have the schematic and I built an audio probe (like on Aron's Stompbox Page). I also have a scope that I hardly know how to use. What should I do? I checked the caps while they were in the circuit (I know that shouldn't work) by testing for DC voltage on either side, but they all showed DCV on one side only, none whatsoever on the other.  
The thing is, I am hesitant to remove anything until I am sure it is no good. It is in near mint condition and I want to keep it that way, but I also want it to work. I saw a posting on HC database where a guy said his sounded like crap until he removed all three bad transistors (?) and replaced them with new ones. How can I test them for sure?

Ryan L. Don't touch the transistors! In my ... -- 4/14/2000 5:49 PM