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Anybody tried Marshall Bluesbreaker II?

3/30/2000 8:28 PM
Jim S.
Anybody tried Marshall Bluesbreaker II?
For around 80 bucks, I was thinking of just going ahead and ordering one without hearing it, since they're supposed to be very good. I've looked at some reviews on Harmony Central, but most are not very descriptive of the sounds it can produce. Has anyone tried or bought one of these shiny metallic boxes? What are the qualities of the distortion tones? Does the inherent tone of the guitar still come through? Is there any significant loss of bass frequencies? Does the sound clean up well when reducing the guitar's volume control?  
Thanks for any feedback you might have.

Jim Radmer Oh yes! -- 3/31/2000 11:09 AM
Mitch Re: Anybody tried Marshall Bluesbreaker II? -- 4/10/2000 5:58 PM