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Let us clear his name.....

3/30/2000 12:24 PM
Jamie Tyson
Let us clear his name.....
I am an EJ fan- no bones about it. On the EJ list many are saying that their Fuzz Faces actually DO sound better with the screws removed. Let's do some testing!!!!  
If he's full of it, then make sure their's not any validity in what he is saying.  
Get to the bottom of this!!! Test your Fuzz face both ways!!! Use an oscilliscope if needed!!  
As for the tubedriver placement- it's simple- that thing makes other pedals sound bad becuase of all the AC hum it emits. Try it sometime- it's a noisy pedal that needs to be carefully placed. It induces hum in everything. Though it's not on a seperate block of wood, my tubedriver is happy only in certain places on my pedalboard.  
Tubes can easily be affected by vibration- putting a head behind the amp may subject the amp to less vibration, changing the sound of the amp.  
EJ's power runs thru some sort of filter that he's used for about 15 years- it still has labels on it from the Dumble SSS.  
I'm not an expert but I've spent so much time listening to and studying EJ that I understand a lot of what he says. I don't know about this rubber band thing but I am curious....  

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