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Re: SolaSound tone bender transistors

3/30/2000 12:25 AM
Re: SolaSound tone bender transistors
Yup, I'll second the silicon heresy - the one I made with silicon 2N3906s (Motorola brand, FWIW) sounds excellent and is very similar to the 100% Ge one. The choice of the diode on the last transistor has alot more to do with the tone if you're looking to fiddle around. Garden variety 1N34As sound good, I also like 2N5485 FETs setup as diodes for a little more smoothness & sustain.  
FYI, there's a site that has a picture of the insides of the Fulltone Soulbender (I don't remember the URL offhand; it's the Japanese site with alot of Dumble amp pics). You can see two transistors with the gain written on top of the transistors, 85 and 110 if I remember correctly.

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