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Re: Must have Pedals for a Marshall?????

3/27/2000 3:24 PM
Re: Must have Pedals for a Marshall?????
"you MUST have a Wha pedal of sorts. I recommend getting a Crybaby and mod'ing it to Trace's specs.. you won't be disappointed here!!"
You tried those mods Reb? I wasn't sure if you liked'em or not!! (ha, ha) It does fatten things up nicely with a Marshall or Fender amp. I've goofed around with the Tube Screamers lately as well (due to the persistant urging of some friends, also John S.--ha, ha)  
"I am not a big fan of ultra high gain, but if you need just a bit more boost etc, I recommend the Marshall Bluesbreaker since it retains mucyh of the original character of your soun"
I'm not a big fan of high gain either. There is a point to where you can literally have too much gain and your sound ceases to sound "big & fat" and just starts shriking. It's a fine line really. I've been messing around with 4 stages of gain recently ( I know what you are thinking!! Ha ha) and I finally came up with something cool that doesn't sound "buzzy" or "fuzzy" and chords still sound full like the older Marshalls do, not over compressed.  
The way the signal gets clipped with the added stage of gain seems to make those who love tube screamers really happy. Mostly it has to do with the harmonic overtones. I'm not saying it's the same thing but any means but I've noticed that people who like what a tube screamers does (tone wise) also like amps with 4 gain stages, it's just an observation and not everyone likes it of course! (ha, ha)  
I'm not talking crazy gain either like the Soldano's, Mesa's, etc, etc.  
I have to say that a tube screamer modded to 808 specs (and tweaked for a tad more gain) can be a beautiful thing and I normally hate distortion pedals! (ha, ha)  
OK where's my coffee???