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Does anyone beside me feel sorry for the poor sob?

3/26/2000 5:07 PM
Sideways Jaye
Does anyone beside me feel sorry for the poor sob?
Well, I'm human, therefore, I'm somewhat envious of Eric Johnson's awesome technique, just as I was of Danny Gatton's...not that it has influenced my life or music negatively, but hey, I'd love to be that fluent and gifted. Having said that, I hope Eric gets a grip, and doesn't go down Danny's lonesome road. I mean, come on, he readily admits he's given himself tinnitus with all the close range, high volume listening, it takes him years to put out records that lack the spontaneaity (sp?)of his earlier, quicker work, and he obviously has some form of ocd, all joking aside. I'd love to have his guitar ability, but would definitely not trade places with him. Anybody else on this board play golf? I know you have met the Eric Johnson's of the world in that field too. Gets tiresome after awhile, doesn't it? Hit the damn ball, finish the damn cd, PLAY, don't think so much about it.

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