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verify Ross Compressor schematic?

3/25/2000 9:08 PM
verify Ross Compressor schematic?
Anyone here have a correct & verified schem of the Ross Compressor? The one someone sent me is supposedly built & verified, but it looks just like a Dynacomp with the following exceptions:  
1) no diodes in circuit at all  
2) the transistor around the sensitivity control replaced with 2N5485 FET  
3) 25k trimmer instead of 2k trimmer  
4) no input transistor, input signal goes directly to - (pin 2) input of 3080  
5) all the .01u caps are .1u  
6) the 150k resistors are 180k  
It doesn't look like the circuit works to me, but I haven't breadboarded it yet. Can anyone debunk this or what?

paul perry That input straight to pin 2 of the... -- 3/26/2000 8:22 AM
anonymous I opened up mine last night and you... -- 3/28/2000 5:02 PM