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A nuttycheap way to find germanium transistors

3/25/2000 1:22 PM
A nuttycheap way to find germanium transistors
I grabbed a NTE replacement book, and found several Japanese numbers that will cross to the NTE germanium PNP. I then grabbed the MCM catalog, found the cheapest JapaneseNTE cross, and bought a pile. I have built two Fuzz Faces and an Austin Trebleblaster using 2SB173's ($0.76 each, quan. 5-9) and they seem to work fine after screening them for gain and leakage.  
I did the same thing at the last Shelby NC hamfest with an old RS replacement manual, and found some TI 2N1304 NPN germaniums, packaged 5 for$1. The yield per bag was two or three, but I can now build a negative ground FF for cheap (These worked fine too).

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